The premium acrylic sealant

1-component sealant based on acrylate

For indoor and outdoor application


  • Permissible movement capability according to ISO 9046 (manufacturer’s test) 18 %
  • Suitable also for large joint movements
  • Low odour
  • Convenient processing
  • Compatible with coatings according to DIN 52452
  • No interaction with existing and adjacent coatings
  • Can be painted and varnished – please observe application instruction in Technical Data Sheet
  • Optical adaptation and elastic protective coating possible
  • Good UV-resistance
  • Long durability in exposed areas
  • Frost-resistant -10° C/ up to 48 hours
  • Can be stored and transported in temperatures as low as -10 °C for up to 48 hours
  • Stress expansion modulus at 100 % (ISO 37, S3A): 0,3 N/mm²

Fields of application

Primarily suitable for interior fittings but can also be used for exterior use if temperature is above +5 °C.

Movement joints with little stress, e. g. between wooden window / door frames and masonry, plaster or concrete

Joints in concrete, cellular concrete, plaster, masonry, wood, gypsum plasterboard, fibre cement, roller blind housings, window sills etc.

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